How To Sell On Meesho 2022, In 5 Easy Steps to Know

Here if you’re looking for how to sell on meesho, this article is for you where I will go through the step-by-step process to start your selling on meesho.

Unlike other eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal, etc. Here, Meesho is one of the online marketplaces which came onto the screen for every seller to sell on meesho.

Right now meesho is making its way into the online market quite easily. And silently it is increasing its customer base day by day.

So if you want to start your business and sell products on Meesho it would be a great choice.

In this article, I will make you a walkthrough of everything about how to start selling on meesho.

What is Meesho 

Meesho is an e-commerce platform or e-commerce marketplace where manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers sell directly to the customers with 0% commission with high profits.

It is also known as a “Social Channels Selling Platform” or “Social Commerce”, where you can share the products on social channels and make a sale rather than making a sale on meesho seller portals.

Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal quit their jobs to start their entrepreneurial journey and founded meesho in December 2015, which is headquartered in Bangalore.

Their idea to sell on social apps makes them or meesho unique in the e-commerce market. The different concept of selling your product, makes meesho stand easily in the market.

Meesho has been registered with a 65M+ active customers base and with 100 million-plus app downloads according to

Keeping aside the customer base there are already 1lakh plus suppliers selling on meesho easily. That gives us a sign that everyone can easily sell on meesho. Below here you can see a figure of the meesho seller dashboard.

Meesho seller dashboard on how to sell on meesho

The good thing is that sellers or suppliers do not need to promote or advertise their products. Because here comes in resellers. 

Resellers are also known as sellers who sell different products to buyers by sharing the products on social apps. Here resellers can also be considered affiliate marketers across social apps.

Meesho is designed in such a way that anyone who wants to do business can sell the products by just picking the product from meesho with zero investment. And also without worries about inventory and shipping can resell to customers on social apps.

How does it work?

Now let me give you a brief about how meesho works

Step 1

Seller or supplier registers and lists the product to sell on the meesho platform. Here customers can directly buy from the meesho app or resellers can come across and pick the product.

If you wanna become a seller on meesho and if you don’t have a product you can go through this article product research to find a product.

Step 2

Resellers share the product images on his/her social platforms groups as Facebook, Whatsapp, or Instagram.

Step 3

If a person(buyer) who is in the group shows interest in the product, the reseller asks the buyer for communication address details.

Step 4

The reseller makes the calculation and adds the profit margin and places the order by adding the buyer’s communication address details.

Step 5

Seller or Supplier receives the order and packs it. Then a meesho logistics partner comes and picks the product from the seller and delivers it to the buyer in the reseller’s name.

It takes 15 days after the delivery to settle the amount for sellers and resellers from the meesho.

If the product is canceled or returned the resellers will not get paid his/her margin.

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How to Sell On Meesho Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Create a Meesho Seller Account

In this step, you will get how to make meesho seller registration as a seller.

First Register or Create a meesho Seller account to sell on meesho.

To create a seller or supplier account on meesho you need to have only two documents as shown below

1. GST Certificate (GSTIN)

2. Bank Account

If you have two documents then you’re easily ready to create a meesho seller account to sell on meesho.

  • Goto, and register or create an account with your phone number and email Id.
  • After Login into account, you will have a 4 step process to verify your details.
  • In the first step enter your Gst Number and click on verify. 
  • And in the second step, you need to enter the pickup address, to pick the product from your location to make delivery to the buyers
  • And in the third step, you need to enter bank details, So having a current bank account as per name on Gst is better to make transactions easy.
  • At the last step, you need to enter Supplier details, where these details will be displayed on the Meesho app to the consumers. Supplier details are nothing but your store name and your full name.

That’s it done.

After typing all the above four-step details correctly, now you will enter into the meesho seller panel.

So the meesho seller panel is where you control all your listings, payments, Inventory, etc. It’s a dashboard to operate and sell.

Step 2: List Your Products

After creating your meesho account, now it’s time to list your product to make it visible to consumers.

So, in your meesho seller dashboard, you can find the catalog uploads option to upload the product images.

Here, you will get two options, you can upload products ( catalogs) in bulk or you can upload a single catalog as per your requirement.

While uploading a product, you need to upload product images as well as product details( M.R.P, Size, Description, etc).

After submitting the catalog or products, it will go to a quality check and it will take 24hrs to get approved.

If your catalog is approved your product will be visible to consumers to buy the product.

If you want to make more sales you can easily create three or four catalogs to increase the sales and profits.

Step 3: Start Receiving Orders

After your products are live on the meesho app, you will receive orders from the customers. 

Here, all the resellers can see your product and will share the products on their social groups by adding some margin to the products.

To receive more orders you need to add more catalogs with new product designs. As you add more products the interest of the customer will increase and there will be a high chance of buying your products.

Step 4: Shipping & Delivery process

While after someone places the order, you will get notified by email or it will reflect on the meesho seller panel. After receiving the order you need to do these steps.

In the Meesho seller panel, you need to accept the order and download the labels.

Next, pack the product and paste the downloaded label on the package.

At last, meesho logistics partners come to pick the product and you need to hand over the product to him/her.

Here meesho is already tied up with some logistics partners, they will collect the package from the supplier and deliver it to the consumers.

Step 5: Payment for orders

After successful completion of delivering the product, the payment to sellers including cash on deliveries takes usually 15 days to deposit in the bank account after your order is delivered to the customer.

You can view your payment details status on your meesho seller panel.

So the above five steps are the casual and mandatory steps to start selling on meesho and make profits.

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Pricing and Commission rates

The pricing and commission rates are quite simple and profitable to sellers for selling on meesho when compared to other eCommerce platforms.

Final Settlement amount = Selling price – GST – TCS – (0% commission fee depending on product categories)

Here, the Final Settlement amount is the amount that you get paid on the 15th day for your order delivered.

The selling price is the product price which you sell on meesho, and 18% Gst on every product sale, and 1% TCS( Total Collected Service) from suppliers on sale as total taxable value.

Meesho does not charge any fixed fee, hidden fee, or Collection fee as compared to other eCommerce platforms. 

So if you want to know more about pricing & commission rates you can visit

Why is meesho different from other e-commerce platforms?

As I said before, meesho is a social eCommerce platform, where people can make or earn profits by sharing the product image on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

While other platforms run their business only from the marketplace by listing products on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

The unique idea of making sales through social apps makes meesho stand differently from other eCommerce platforms in the market.

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The Benefits of Selling On Meesho

Meesho services at Zero% commission for suppliers, where suppliers have the benefit of adding commission fees to their profits.

Unlike other eCommerce platforms meesho does not charge for the shipping cost from your final settlement amount.

Meesho has a Huge customer base as mentioned above with 65 million-plus customers who are ready to buy.

The overall process on meesho is quite simple and hassle-free. It is user-friendly for both sellers and buyers.

Meesho provides quick and secured payments to the sellers and resellers. And it has very great customer support to contact if you have any queries.

Whether It might be a small business or a large business you need not worry about shipping. Meesho takes the responsibility of shipping after you receive the order.

Conclusion: How to Sell On Meesho

I hope you got an overview of how to sell on meesho in this article. So no matter what, if you are willing to start an online business with less investment you can get on and start selling on meesho.

Meesho is an easy way to access for every seller and buyer. You can start your business part-time or full-time by registering on meesho with less investment.

If you have no budget in your hands you can become a reseller with zero investment and can earn easily.

Everything is taken care of by meesho and also need not worry about delivery and shipments.

So if you want to start you can register and start selling on meesho as I showed steps above the as much as clarity to understand you. 

I hope the article gave you some value for what you’re looking for.

If you have any queries, you can ask them in the comment section. I would like to answer them.

Thank you.

FAQs: How To Sell On Meesho

Is Product Selling On Meesho Profitable?

Yes, Selling on Meesho is Profitable because of the 0% commission and No shipping charges to deliver your product.

Does Meesho refund money?

Yes, Meesho refunds the money if the order is canceled. It credits the amount into the bank account of the customers.

Is Meesho Indian App?

Yes, Meesho is the Indian Platform where it allows people to resell the products through social platforms.

How do I start selling on Meesho?

Create a seller account or reseller account on the Meesho app and start selling on meesho.

Can we sell our own products on Meesho?

Yes, Meesho allows you to sell your own products by listing your products on Meesho.

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